X Planet

X Planet is the organic Anglo-Cuban collaboration of London-born singer-songwriter Holly Holden and Santiago rapper Alain Garcia (Alayo Style). These two artists met in June 2011 while Holly was researching her Masters dissertation on Reggaeton. A rum-fuelled jam session in Sanitago’s Parque Serrano led to a list minute collaboration in the Manicomio Records Studio, where they recorded Fly and Slow down sugar, two ridiculously catchy dance tracks, which were blasted from street corner sound systems during the legendary Santiago Festival del Caribe two weeks later. The overwhelmingly popular response to these tracks on both sides of the Atlantic pushed Holly to return to Cuba in January 2012 to write and record an entire album with Alain.

And so X Planet was born…

Since then we have written and recorded our first album – Xistence – which seamlessly fuses Holly’s soulful folk narratives with Alayo’s direct and rhythmic urban poetry to create a unique universal sound, which is spontaneous yet sincere, deliciously danceable and dangerously addictive.

This blog documents our story as it unfolds.


‘A mixture of urban genres, good faith and lots of positive energy… this album is testament to the fact that, if you put your soul into it, anything is possible.’ – Havana Times, Cuba

‘The X Planet concert confirmed how you can construct a valid multicultural bridge when you work from a perspective of mutual respect and authenticity.’ – Granma, Cuba




One Response to “About”

  1. rainer fox December 31, 2011 at 12:30 am #

    Have a good trip. Happy New Year from Berlin. I am lookin’ forward to hear your new cuban tracks.

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